Keeping Safe If Your Vehicle Breaks Down

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Keeping Safe If Your Vehicle Breaks Down

10 May 2017
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If you plan on taking a vacation where you will be driving your own vehicle to get to your destination, you are most likely concerned about your well-being while you are on the road away from home. Many people will rely on the services provided by roadside assistance if a mishap happens while on the roadway. There are a few precautionary steps you will want to take if you find your vehicle has become disabled in an unfamiliar location. Here are some tips you can use if you need to wait for a tow truck to come to your aide.

Call For Help As Soon As A Problem Arises

If you have a cell phone or a vehicle service that allows you to call out for help, make a phone call to the police first to let them know of your situation. They may send an officer to the scene to help divert traffic away from your vehicle if necessary. The police will also be able to contact a tow truck in the area if you are unsure of which companies are reputable where your vehicle is located. If you have roadside assistance, a quick phone call will alert the service that you are in trouble and they will send a tow truck to the location immediately.

Keep Your Vehicle Visible To Others

It is very important to try to make your vehicle noticed by others on the roadway so they do not hit it while waiting for assistance. Do your best to move your vehicle as far off the road and onto the shoulder as possible so it is not in the direct pathway of oncoming traffic. If your vehicle in not able to be driven during the daytime hours, turn on your emergency flashers so other vehicles are aware your vehicle has become disabled. If it is dark outside, it is a better idea to put on your interior lights while leaving your headlights on so your vehicle is illuminated.

Stay Inside Your Vehicle To Ensure Your Safety

It is best to remain inside of your vehicle while you wait for a tow truck to arrive. This way you will be less vulnerable to coming into contact with people or animals which could cause you harm in a strange location. Keep your window cracked so you are able to get air and keep your doors locked. If someone comes to your vehicle asking you if you need help, let them know you have contacted authorities and that they will be arriving at any moment. This will make it less likely you will become a victim of theft as they will think someone will be on the scene very shortly.

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