4 Reasons To Donate Your Car

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4 Reasons To Donate Your Car

11 July 2017
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It can be hard to know what to do with an old beater car, especially if it no longer runs and isn't worth very much money. In this situation, one of the best options is actually to donate your car instead of trying to sell it. Here are four of the best reasons to donate your old car:

Donation Organizations Take Non-Working Cars

One of the biggest reasons to donate an old car instead of attempting to sell it is that donation organizations typically take cars even when they are completely non-operational. If they are unable to fix the car, they will sell the metal and the proceeds will go to charity. In many cases, they will even haul the car away from your property at no cost, which is a huge relief if your old beater has been taking up space in your driveway for months.

You May Receive a Tax Incentive

As long as you donate your car to an official non-profit, you will most likely receive a receipt that can be used to receive a tax deduction on this year's taxes. In some cases the money you save on your taxes from donating your car will be more than you would have received in cash if you opted to sell your car instead.

Donating Your Car Helps the Community

Donating your car will make you feel great and set a good example for any kids in your life since doing so helps your local community. If your car is in good working order or is fixable, it will most likely be donated to a family in need, making their life much safer and more convenient since they will no longer need to rely on the bus or rides from family and friends to get to work and school. If the car is a junker, it will most likely be sold for parts with the proceeds directly benefiting those in need.

Donating Your Car Saves Time

Unlike selling your car, which involves taking photos, placing ads, and the logistical headache of planning to meet up with potential buyers, donating your car is efficient and easy. Simply call the donation organization of your choice and arrange a time for them to pick up the car.

As you can see, the benefits of donating a car are clear. When donating your car, be sure to choose a trustworthy organization to ensure the car and its proceeds will actually go to charity. Contact a group like American Relief Foundation for more details.