Making Your Truck Accessible For The Whole Family

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Making Your Truck Accessible For The Whole Family

7 December 2017
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Whether you have a club cab or a quad-cab truck, your vehicle offers plenty of room for transporting your whole family. However, taller trucks can be difficult for everyone to get into each day. With the right equipment, you can make it easier for children and shorter adults to get in the truck safely. Here are a few options to consider as you look for ways to customize your ride.

Retractable Truck Steps

Retractable truck steps offer a handy way to access the truck's cab without having to take a giant step up. They come with nonskid surfaces to prevent slips in rainy or icy conditions, and they can be pulled back before getting on the road for added safety while driving. If you have a quad-cab, consider using these steps for the rear doors so your little ones can get into their booster seats or car seats. They can also be placed on the driver and front passenger doors, giving adults the extra lift they need as well. When you and your family are ready to get out of the truck, these steps can be extended so everyone can climb down easily.

Grab Bars

Grab bars can help you stay steady while using retractable truck steps or climbing onto your truck's running boards before getting into the cab. On the exterior of the truck, place them opposite the door handles for easy access. You can also use grab bars or straps inside the cab to aid in getting out of the cab as well.

Running Boards With Steps

Some running boards come with integrated footholds, which resemble steps. They sit flush on the running board, saving space and preventing anything from jutting out of the side of the truck while you are on the road. For this option, be sure to select a running board design that runs the length of your cab, as this will allow passengers in both the front and back seats an easy way to get in and out of the cab. Look for a design crafted from sturdy materials with a nonskid surface for added safety.

If you aren't comfortable installing these items on your own, partner with your local auto body shop to have them professionally installed. Your mechanic can also look for other options you can use to make your truck safer and easier to access. With the right equipment in place, your truck can be your trusted family vehicle.