What's Behind 3 Common Vehicle Air Conditioner Issues

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What's Behind 3 Common Vehicle Air Conditioner Issues

12 June 2019
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In the hot summertime, having a working air conditioner is essential if you do any regular driving. You need to have a vehicle whose air conditioner can keep your vehicle from turning into a boiling, hot trap. When it comes to keeping your car cool, it can be helpful to know what's behind your air conditioner not working correctly.

The Air Isn't Really Cool

Your air conditioner is not just supposed to pump out air; it is supposed to pump out cool air. If the air coming through the vents is room temperature, or if it is only a little cool, there could be three issues at play.

The most basic issue is the refrigerant level is low. In most vehicles, the refrigerant diminishes slowly over time. If it has been five or more years since you had the refrigerant in your air conditioner replenished, you probably just need some more coolant.

Next, the condenser, which is responsible for cooling the air, may be broken. In that case, it needs to either be repaired or replaced.

Finally, it could be an issue with the compressor. If the belt is damaged on the compressor, it will not spin properly. If a pressure switch becomes inactive, the compressor will not run correctly. Once the issue with the compressor is identified and fixed, cool air should flow again.

The Air Conditioner Sounds Strange

Next, your air compressor should make a little sound, similar to the sounds the air conditioner in your home makes when it runs. However, if you are hearing strange rattling sounds or other noises, that could be a sign of another issue.

More often than not, when the air conditioner in your vehicle starts to make strange noises, it is because something is happening with the compressor. Your compressor is not working properly, and those strange sounds are a warning sign that your compressor is going to give out sooner rather than later.

The strange noise may also come from a hole in the hose or another part that is not working right. Strange noises mean something is wrong and needs to be investigated further by a professional.

If your car isn't really cooling, or it is making strange noises, get your car in for a checkup right away. A professional can help figure out what is wrong and help keep your vehicle cool this summer when you need it the most. To learn more, visit sites like http://www.autorepairhighdesert.com/.