The First Steps To Take When You Buy A Used Sleeper Cab

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The First Steps To Take When You Buy A Used Sleeper Cab

12 May 2021
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A sleeper cab is necessary if you want to do long-haul driving. However, new sleeper cabs, as with any semi truck, can be expensive. Buying a used cab can save you a lot of money, but you'll have to prepare the cab before using it. How much work you have to do on the cab will depend on whether you're buying from a commercial or private seller (i.e., a dealership or a person who just advertised an old truck for sale) and how much work the seller has already done on the cab. Once you've finished, you should have a comfortable place to sleep when you're on the road.

Replace the Appliances

Unless the seller can show that they replaced all of the appliances already with new ones, you need to get a new fridge and any other appliances that may be in the cab. Replace things like portable fans, too, to ensure you're not blowing dust into the cab when you turn it on. New appliances will not only be more energy-efficient, but they'll also be exactly what you need, not what the prior owner needed. And you know that new minifridge will be completely clean.

Should You Replace the Mattress?

If you're buying the cab from a commercial seller, the cab should have either a new mattress or no mattress (in other words, you'd provide your own). You may still want to replace that new mattress if you know that other potential buyers were climbing into the cab and sitting on the mattress. If you're buying the cab from a private seller, it would be best to replace the mattress if the seller left the old one there.

Have the Cab Thoroughly Cleaned

Chances are the truck seller already cleaned up the cab, especially if the seller is a commercial dealer. However, if the cab was sitting in the sales lot for a while, it might not have been cleaned again recently. Arrange for the cab to be completely cleaned once again to get any dust that may have settled on surfaces between the initial cleaning and when you bought the truck.

Upgrade the Power Inverter

Power inverters help supply a lot of electricity to sleeper cabs so you can run a minifridge, computer, lights, and more all in that little space. That makes being on the road and stuck at a cold, isolated truck stop a lot easier. If the cab does not already have a power inverter, have one installed (don't rely on just battery power alone); if the cab already has an inverter, upgrade it if it's old. You want adequate power for all the items you want to use. Limiting your power supply will only add to any isolated feelings you may have.

Commercial sellers usually have a wide selection of used trucks that you can choose from. You may find a sleeper cab that's already close to what you need, so you'll have to do only a little work to customize it.

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