What To Do If You Break Down Off-Road In Your Car Or Truck

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What To Do If You Break Down Off-Road In Your Car Or Truck

19 January 2022
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Off-road recovery services are often available in areas where people can easily drive off the main road to get to remote or scenic places. The recovery service may use tow trucks with four-wheel drive or special purpose-built rigs that can reach your vehicle and tow you to the road and then to somewhere for repair.

Off-Road Travel

If you are considering taking a road trip that involves driving off-road to some scenic spots to explore, you need to plan for the conditions because if you get stuck, off-road recovery is an expensive service. To help reduce the chances of getting stuck or breaking down off-road, one thing you can do is rent an SUV for your trip. 

A vehicle that is a four-wheel drive is often a better option, even on roads that look good but lead to remote areas. You may find mud or road washouts as you travel further into the woods, and if you break down or get stuck a long way in, you may have to wait a while for a recovery service to get to you.

If you are driving a passenger car and the road is not maintained, it is a good idea to stay away from it. Passenger cars are low to the ground, do not have aggressive tread on the tires, and are the most likely vehicles to end up stuck or damaged in these scenarios.

Towing And Off-Road Recovery

If you get stuck off-road, your towing or roadside assistance coverage is not very likely to cover the cost of recovery. Most recovery services charge a few hundred dollars to pull you out, but if you are a long way in, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in fees to get the vehicle free. The prices will vary by the terrain and the time it takes to recover the car, so talk to the off-road recovery service you are working with to estimate the cost you can expect.

If you are stuck in an area that requires more than one recovery vehicle to get you out, you could be looking at a cost per vehicle, so make sure you ask about that as well. Off-road recovery services can sometimes be provided by local off-roaders who are equipped for the job, and most of the time, they know the area, the best way to recover your vehicle, and where to send you for repairs if your car is damaged. 

If you do have a roadside assistance plan, you may want to have the off-road recovery service tow you to a road, and then you can use your roadside service to take your vehicle to the shop for repairs. You will need to pay for the recovery, but you may be able to save some cost on the towing this way.