Considerations When Choosing A Monthly RV Park

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Considerations When Choosing A Monthly RV Park

19 July 2023
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Embarking on an adventure in your RV is an exciting prospect. When you are planning a long-term stay, choosing the right monthly RV park is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Thoroughly Assess The RV Park Facilities

One factor when choosing an RV park is the availability of hookups for water, sewer, and electric connections. Ensure that the park offers reliable and accessible hookups that can accommodate your RV. It is also essential to inquire about any additional fees associated with these services.

Access to clean laundry facilities and well-maintained shower areas can significantly enhance your comfort level during your stay at an RV park. Check if the park provides laundry machines and private shower stalls with hot water. These amenities can make life on the road much more convenient.

Be Aware Of The Size Of RV Spaces

Before making a reservation at an RV park, ensure their site sizes can comfortably accommodate your specific rig dimensions. Some parks may have length or width restrictions due to physical space limitations. Knowing these restrictions in advance will help avoid any surprises upon arrival.

If you have slide-outs or awnings on your RV, extra care must be taken to ensure there is ample space in the RV park to extend them fully without encroaching on neighboring sites. Lack of space can limit your outdoor living area and may lead to potential damage if not properly considered.

Privacy is an important aspect of any RV park experience. Some parks offer larger spaces with trees or shrubs between sites, providing privacy, while others have a more open layout for socializing with fellow campers.

Know That Location Matters

Consider the location of the RV park in relation to the attractions you plan on visiting during your stay. If you need access to popular tourist spots or natural wonders, choose a park that is conveniently located nearby.

Having essential amenities and services close by can greatly enhance your experience at an RV park. Look for parks near grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and other facilities you may need during your stay. Ideally, these facilities will be within walking distance or a short drive.

Ask About The RV Park's Pet Policy

If traveling with pets is part of your adventure, reviewing each RV park's pet policy before making a reservation is essential. Some parks may have breed restrictions or limit pet size or quantity allowed per site. Knowing these policies upfront will help ensure a smooth experience for you and your furry companions. Responsible pet ownership includes proper waste disposal. RV parks have designated areas with waste disposal stations.

For more information, contact a monthly RV park near you.